Sample Pack Contest XIII

Spooky Edition (again)

Sample Pack Contest XIII Rules

If you're just here for the sample pack, here it is!

The contest follows a fairly straightforward 3-phase structure. Each phase is optional -- if you only want to submit samples or vote, you can do so.

  1. Sample submission: 2020-08-19 until 2020-08-24. Send 1 or 2 short sound samples to the contest organizer (SHAN#4438), who will assemble them into the titular sample pack.
  2. Track submission: 2020-08-25 until 2020-10-30. Create original music (not remixes) from the samples using any effects you like, but no other sample libraries or synthesizers.
  3. Voting: 2020-10-31 until ???. Using a web form, score each entry from 0 to 100. In order to encourage impartial voting, please avoid revealing the identities of any of the authors until the contest has ended.

The rest of this page explains the rules in greater detail. If you are familiar with previous contests, the rules are no different...this time >:)

Sample submission:

Track Creation:

Track submission:

Voting and results: