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It's super!

Introducing snescompo!'s Discord server (invite) has come up with another compo! This time, instead of a contest like SPC, we're going to write an album using SNES soundsets. The goal isn't necessarily accuracy to SNES hardware, but recognition and appreciation of the samples used in SNES games. If you've heard of SNESology, then you're familiar with this sort of thing already.

Rules & Guidelines

EXTENSION: Deadline is now end of day 11/30/2020

There are a few rules and guidelines. We decided this in a fairly democratic way on the Discord server. These rules might be subject to small changes or additions early in the compo, but most of this has been deliberated at length already.


  1. For each piece of music, use only the sounds from a single game. Don't mix and match samples from two or more games.
  2. Samples shouldn't be manipulated or subject to any sort of sound design that wouldn't be available on the SNES.
  3. You're free to rip the sounds to any format you choose (wav, sf2, kontakt, etc) or use instrument packs that have already been made available on sites like William Kage.

Your music:

  1. This album is for original music, not remixes.
  2. So everyone is represented more or less equally, please submit no more than 2 tracks.
  3. Music should be sent in one of the following formats: .wav, .flac, or .spc.
  4. Keeping in line with the SNES's hardware, the only DSP you should be using is simple delay (no chorus or reverb or other effects).
  5. The SNES also has 8 sound channels and ostensibly a polyphony limit of 8 (not necessarily the case anyway) but we have decided not to enforce this because leaving notes out of chords is not fun. However, writing too many notes at once might make your music sound not as SNESish, so keep that in mind.

The album:

  1. We plan on releasing the album on Nov 21 2020, the SNES's -- or Super Famicom's -- 30th birthday.
  2. Deadline for track submission will be Nov 19 2020, 6 months from the time of this writing.
  3. Unlike Sample Pack Contests, there is no voting and no winner.

Sending in music

By submitting music to snescompo, you acknowledge that your music will be distributed as part of one or more digital album releases.

Track submission format:

Send your completed tracks to SHAN#4438 on Discord or via email to snes at beam


If you don't have the tools to make music using SNES samples, these might help you out.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs):

Soundfonts (I personally haven't used many of these):