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SPC XIII is starting (2020-8-19)

Been awhile, hasn't it? We're now voting on SPC XII, which is absolutely massive. But I imagine at this point that everyone who really cares is on Discord and has already been informed. But maybe I am Discord-centric. In any case, stay tuned for the end of voting and results for that contest!

Today's headline is the start of SPC XIII, which I imagine will also be absolutely massive. SPC XIII has an optional Halloween theme similar to SPC IX last year. Aside from that, the rules are (to my knowledge anyway) not changed from the previous contest. Send 1 or 2 of your (optionally) Halloweeniest samples to SHAN#4438 on Discord, or spc at beam saber dot com via email before the end of day Monday, Aug 24 (EDT. I've linked to the exact time). A more complete description of the rules can be found here.

New compo, new site (2020-05-19)

We've decided to have a new, non-competitive compo based around using SNES instruments! The deadline will be 6 months from today. This was all very recently thrown together. The current name for this project is snescompo but let me know if you have something better! Anyone is welcome but please make sure you read all about it before getting started.

And since we have a new kind of compo, that means the name no longer makes a lot of sense, so I changed that. The old site is still online but it will eventually be replaced with redirects to here, so update your bookmarks to (if you're the type who uses bookmarks).