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Happy New Year! Also, things (2020-12-31)

Hello! Things have happened! For one, the SNES album is done and out and on bandcamp as of a week ago. It's free and it sounds absolutely awesome, so check it out if you are at all interested in what people are doing with SNES sounds these days.

SPC XIII also ended! I assume everyone has been made aware of this by now as it was even longer ago (oops). The winner was, again, PROTODOME, and it is easy to see why, but there were many great entries this time (none of which came from me).

Finally, and most urgently, SPC XIV (that's 14 for you barbarians in the audience), is starting. It is organised by veteran participant blue.nocturne and you can find the relevant information in this neat little page made by zenkusa.

SPC XIII has entered voting (2020-10-31)

Details are on the contest page as usual, but today was the deadline for SPC XIII entries! We expect voting to take two weeks. Also, don't forget that snescompo is ending in November too! And of course, there will be another SPC sooner or later.

Edit: Oh, I neglected to post the results of SPCXII to the database. The winner was the legendary PROTODOME with Etude 1 For MIDI Slap Bass.