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New compo, new site (2020-05-19)

We've decided to have a new, non-competitive compo based around using SNES instruments! The deadline will be 6 months from today. This was all very recently thrown together. The current name for this project is snescompo but let me know if you have something better! Anyone is welcome but please make sure you read all about it before getting started.

And since we have a new kind of compo, that means the name no longer makes a lot of sense, so I changed that. The old site is still online but it will eventually be replaced with redirects to here, so update your bookmarks to (if you're the type who uses bookmarks).

SPC XII is starting already (2020-05-18)

Sample submission for SPC XII starts today and lasts until May 25 2020, with the songwriting part of the contest going on after that. This SPC is hosted by HVB so check out the details over at his website.

In other news, it looks like we're going to be starting up another type of compo soon, so this site will be moved/renamed to accommodate that! This page will be updated with more information tomorrow.